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Yeo Moor School - 3D Printing Kit with You Invent

Funding target

£ 1,000

Start date: 12/3/2015

End date: 30/4/2015




ABOUT Yeo Moor School - 3D Printing Kit with You Invent

What is the Project?

 We want to enable Yeo Moor students to use the latest innovative technologies in the field of 3D printing. By crowdfunding for the Cube 3 printer we are investing in technology to allow our students to assess their own aptitudes and talents in creative subjects. The equipment will also be used in out-of-school You Invent clubs and we will have assistance from Clevedon School students and staff.

What do we Need?

 Small donations add up to allow us to achieve our goal! Please raise this project at work, with family members and ex-students who might be interested in making a donation.


  • 3D Selfie

    • Contribution Amount: £20
    • Reward Description:
      For a minimum donation of £20 you can have your own 3D-selfie (or that of a member of your family)....
    • Quantity Available: 3

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