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CrowdPatch helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

Why choose CrowdPatch? 

We are the only platform that offer commission-free crowdfunding.

We are the only platform that offer you your own community/crowdpatch, with your own unique branding and URL.

We are the only platform that offer two levels of crowdfunding support, by appointing you with a CrowdPatch Leader, giving you a much greater chance to reach your funding target.

We allow you to withdraw all funds contributed on the site at any time during your campaign, even if you don’t reach your target.

We offer the ability to connect with people and projects in your community.

We give you the opportunity to offer your time and resources to crowdfunding projects if you don’t want to contribute money, either as a volunteer or as a paid freelancer.

We enable you to run projects seeking volunteers only without need of financial contribution.

We allow you to sell tickets to events from third-party websites by embedding code in a project widget.

We facilitate the promotion of project-related external crowdfunding campaigns by embedding code in a project widget.

We enable you to include gifts-in-kind contributions and assets to be allocated fair financial values that can be added offline to your cumulative campaign fund total.

We facilitate the updating of campaign metrics such as start and end dates, financial contribution campaign target, and crowdfunding rewards.

We are a community interest social enterprise, so we do not make a profit out of crowdfunding.