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The comments below relate to the original iteration of CrowdPatch in 2013. New testimonials for the 2021 edition of CrowdPatch will be added soon.


"The community approach CrowdPatch have taken with crowdfunding has my support and it's potential to make a social impact should not be underestimated. Crowdfunding helps the rebirth of communities in controlling their destinies. Simon Krystman's innovation is very inspirational"

-Barry Sheerman, MP, Huddersfield


"I am fully behind CrowdPatch in its endeavour to create and support entrepreneurs and it's focus on the young generation in schools, colleges and universities."

-Prof Alan Barrell, Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Cambridge


"CrowdPatch has huge potential to help transform urban and rural communities alike with its innovative approach to Crowdfunding. The Social Foundation exists to support the democratisation of finance and job creation - putting power in the hands of the crowd, and the initiative in the hands of local entrepreneurs, of all kinds, to get things done from small projects that matter to the local community to startups and enterprises of all kinds serving the needs of the crowd. CrowdPatch's focus on local crowdpatches is a smart idea who's time had come in the Internet age - put into action."

-Barry James, Founder, The Social Foundation and The Crowdfunding Centre


"The City Council could be really helped by the civic approach that Crowdfunding offers and with CrowdPatch we have the potential to create jobs and fund projects that will benefit this City."

-Tarik Chawdry, Assistant Director, Birmingham City Council


"Birmingham is embracing these new technologies and approaches to fund raising and helping local businesses and we are fully behind CrowdPatch in their support of our community."

-Mike Leddy, Birmingham City Councillor


 "CrowdPatch has been instrumental in helping us raise funds to launch an innovative community based Ping Pong business that will manufacture tables in the UK instead of overseas, supplying schools, community centres and local businesses with a very socially orientated game that all ages and abilities can play. Without this site it would not be possible to reach local communities nationally."

-Digi Berry, Managing Director, Wonderberry