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CrowdPatch helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

promote my interests to your crowd

At CrowdPatch, we’re all about strengthening and growing communities. That’s why we allow you to freely and openly promote your interests to our crowd.

As long as your interests relate to one of our four categories of interest - NGOs and charities; Creative project with a social purpose; Social enterprise; Science, tech or IT project with a social purpose - we’re happy for you to self-promote whatever you want. Whether you’re a business with a social purpose wanting to blog about your area of expertise or a social enterprise wanting to post news about your latest good deed, CrowdPatch provides the place for you to share what makes you unique with our crowd.

You can promote your interests to our crowd by:

- Starting a project

- Starting a conversation

- Publishing a blog on the community crowdpatch page

- Publishing photos, videos and status updates promoting your work or interests on your personal profile

- Posting status updates linking to information on your website 

- Funding projects that interest you