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CrowdPatch helps you connect and share with the people in your life.


Communities and interest groups. These are what we call CrowdPatches.
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The Pitch CrowdPatch


The Pitch, a UK based competition, invests cash production budgets for cracking short film...

Narrow the Gap!


Closing the achievement gap for children & families

Can of Worms Enterprises


COW provides a broad range of publishing services and other media activities for a variety...

Sound Arrangements


The digital revolution has disrupted traditional ways in which unsigned musicians can sust...

Local Leaders Awards 2016


The Local Leaders Awards 2016 are launching this summer to celebrate and recognise the ach...

Prince's Trust CrowdPatch


This is a Patch for the Prince's Trust Team programme. 

South Birmingham & Solihull


Crowdfunding in South Birmingham and Solihull to create positive change.

Miltons Cottage


Milton’s Cottage is the only surviving home of the visionary poet and political writer, Jo...

All Live Projects CrowdPatch


Everyone is welcome to join the All Projects CrowdPatch. You can search through all projec...

Wokingham Community


For people who would like to contribute to or run a crowdfunding project in the area.

Cycling MAMILS


For cycling enthusiasts who want to setup or contribute to projects. All cyclists welcome ...

Empowering Kids & Youth


Empowering Kids & Youth gives children and young people life-changing confidence, social, ...

    CrowdPatch CrowdPatchwork

    This group of CrowdPatches represents all of CrowdPatch's projects, past and present.

    Parliamentary Constituencies

    Join your local Parliamentary Constituency CrowdPatch and support local projects that make...


    Find all the different communities in London that are crowdfunding on this site.

    RSA Fellows

    Crowdfunding, Grant Funding, Volunteering and Skills matching for RSA Fellows


    This CrowdPatch is for schools to list projects that they would like parents, the local co...

    Film Audience Network

    The Network is made up of nine Film Hubs which cover the whole of the UK. Find out how you...


    UKCFA members and supporters who have case studies and projects for Parlimentary Constitue...

    Crowdfunding Plaftorms

    A bank of different crowdfunding platforms and their projects

    Inactive CrowdPatches

    This is a group of crowdpatches not currently actively involved in crowdfunding.

    Book CrowdPatchwork

    All Crowdpatches (and their projects) relating to the written word, whether in print or on...


    We employ over 21,000 people and 926 partners across 64 offices in the UK, Channel Islands...