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Magna Carta 800 CrowdPatch

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ABOUT Magna Carta 800 CrowdPatch

Announcement :

Magna Carta celebrates its 800th anniversary on 15th June 2015.


Recognised across the globe as the foundation of legal systems in many countries and constantly quoted in legal cases to keep the ruling classes in check, as it was for King John on that fateful day.


Runnymede was chosen as the half-way point between The Tower of London and Windsor Castle on land which would have made very poor fighting ground, as it is marshland.


To celebrate, there are many events taking part, some commercial and others which are community based.  To make the most of the celebrations, the Magna Carta Patch has been created to help fund-related projects in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and surrounding areas.


If you have an event you’d like to crowd fund then submit your project, using the links at the top of this page, and we will be in touch shortly to help you work out how best to proceed.


Follow the links immediately to your right to see some sites of interest and as the projects start to take shape they will appear below and to the left >>>


As well as the main RBWM twitter feed at the top right of this page, we also have twitter feeds for the library and museum @RBWM_libraries and @Windsor_Museum


How might you get involved in the Magna Carta Celebrations?


There are a number of things planned and many more will be announced as individuals who get things done start doing... if you’re one of those, we’d like to hear from you.


Margaret Lenton Chair of the stake holders for the Magna Carta celebrations...



Margaret Kirby is looking for some Magna Carta Champions to spread the news around the borough and further afield... have you an interest in history? Do you inspire others into action? You’d best say hello... add a comment below...



The centre piece of this event will be a Flotilla down the River Thames to Runneymede, Mark Taylor tells us more... firstly as an appeal...



Then as a journey down the river... 



 If you would like to be part of the Royal Borough's Magna Carta celebrations then please, join the patch and add a comment below... alternatively email


Thank you.


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  • Magna Carta 800th - ...

    by Jonathan L Davey

    Problem with PayPal not communicating with the RBWM means we need to s...

    £ 120,000




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    David Davis MP on Magna Carta
    David Davis MP on Magna Carta
    February 12, 2015




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