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CrowdPatch helps you connect and share with the people in your life.


CrowdPatch launches the UKs most flexible crowdfunding platform

London, United Kingdom – 2013, August (CrowdPatch) Significant growth of Crowdfunding is expected in the UK following the £11 million the industry raised in 2012. CrowdPatch, launched August 2013 is set to disrupt the crowdfunding space in the UK.

CrowdPatch threads reward crowdfunding together with their social networking community's crowdpatches of interest. 
- local
- business & entrepreneurship
- arts, film & writing
- science, technology & IT

CrowdPatch is set to become the UK's most flexible crowdfunding platform.

Equity crowdfunding platforms require stringent checks to ensure the protection of investors and adherence to FSA regulations. Donation or reward based crowdfunding sites make it easier for funders to contribute as little as £10 to support projects they like.

CrowdPatch projects owners raise donations from our crowd.

They may choose to offer rewards, but funders are made aware that they are making a donation, not purchasing rewards. This flexible approach to the rewards sets the expectation appropriately for the funder and allows project owners the flexibility to choose not to give rewards if they haven’t reached their funding target.

CrowdPatch make reward crowdfunding easy

For crowdfunders who are unsure what rewards to give, CrowdPatch rewards are made available. When the project ends, CrowdPatch orders rewards from their suppliers and deducts the costs from the crowdfunders earnings. Distribution is managed by CrowdPatch making it simple for all crowdfunders on the website to offer rewards.

A fairer more flexible approach to Crowdfunding

Other crowdfunding websites, only finalise the funding if the funding target is raised. CrowdPatch awards the funds regardless of whether the funding target was reached. The current popular model of crowdfunding leaves both project owners and those who fund them cold when effort has been expended on marketing but no funds are received. CrowdPatch especially appeals to local community groups, charities and social enterprises who can ill afford to waste resources marketing to raise funds to not get any return.

Social Networking and Crowdfunding - a beautiful partnership

CrowdPatch's flexibility does not stop with their approach to crowdfunded projects. Flexibility extends to the crowd itself. The 'crowd' are encouraged to use the website's unique social features to connect with people in their local area or within a crowdpatch of interest. Anyone can create a profile and promote their interest, event or blog on CrowdPatch as long as it fits into the crowdpatches of interest.  Giving the crowd the freedom and flexibility to connect and collaborate is expected to disrupt the Crowdfunding space. Social networking gives the CrowdPatch crowd a reason to stay longer and contribute more. -- END --

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Richard Kipling, Company Director

I am privileged to have a wealth of experience in discovering, exploiting and delivering pioneering technology marketing solutions that harmonise everyday business requirements. In each of my ventures, I have built a team, and we have worked together to deliver web technology that has offered clear business advantages to the user, and has often been first past the post, and way ahead of in terms of market homogeneity and consolidation. 2000 – 2002 CEO London Software House One of the first Microsoft SQL Server based ecommerce products. 2004 – 2008 CEO Nomad-ic Cutting edge interactive agency specialising in website design, customer participation & feedback and marketing research. Osprey, our email marketing research tool, Traveller, our content management system and Survey Developer, our analytics suite were used by the following companies:

• Sony Music

• Disney

• Microsoft

• 3

• The Economist

• Deloitte Other Experience: 1996 – 2000 IT Consultant, Omniledger 2002 – 2004 Ebusiness Consulatnt, Iteba 2008 – 2010 CEO Maasai Interactive Retail marketing Interactive agency specialising in customer feedback and website design.

• MDL Plc

• Boeing

• Mont Blanc

• MEM Ltd 2010 -

Present: Founder, and producer of anything vaguely useful, including loan capital; Paar Ltd. Present: Co Founder Kryskip

Simon Krystman, Company Directory

My main focus at the moment is building digital communities and helping great ideas get funding. The companies I have run have been involved with some of the biggest FMCG and CPG brands in the world including:

Coca Cola, 








Kimberly Clark and 1000's of others by virtue of managing data for leading Wholesalers and Cash & Carry's such as




DeliXL, etc.

With Salesout,I drove the strategic plan into developing the territories of mainland Europe, USA, South Africa, India and Australia.

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