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Kevin Farquharson
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Kevin Farquharson

Lives in United Kingdom ·

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Kevin Farquharson
Looking to bring Eco Rewards for green travel choices to the Berkshire area. See our Crowd Patch and live scheme.
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Kevin Farquharson
Ho Sarah it would be great to include Eco Rewards at your event. We are looking for partners to work with in the West Midlands who might represent the Scheme. See
Kevin Farquharson
Look forward to finding out more about the Berks patch! Just joined.
Jonathan L Davey
not a lot happening at the moment... been working on getting a few projects on board to then bring t...
  • October 23, 2014
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Jonathan L Davey
Glad to see you in Crowd Patch... come and join my Berkshire Patch & also my new one, Ric has just signed off... Magna Carta Events

Before you do, lock and load a photo...
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