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CrowdPatch helps you connect and share with the people in your life.


These videos are designed to help you with your campaign. If you need further help please email

How do i get started?

Apply for a project online - fill out details and wait for approval. If approved you can build project page with pictures/description/rewards and then promote your project! view more

Make a contribution

Here are three ways to contribute on CrowdPatch: contribute money; contribute your support in some way; or contribute to a conversation in a local or interest crowdpatch. view more


promote my interests to your crowd

We're about strengthening and growing communities. You can promote your interests to our crowd, as long as they fall into one of the following categories - NGOs and charities, creative work with a social purpose, social enterprise, and science, tech or IT project with a social purpose. view more


Join a crowdpatch that is relevant to you - either because of it's location or because it's of interest to you. Once you are a crowdpatch member you can see all the campaigns happening within that crowdpatch and can get involved as much as you'd like! view more



We make it easy to find and support local projects, so you can help to make a positive change in your community - whether it is through contributing, volunteering or sharing a project. view more

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