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Matteo Bergamini
Ukraine: Whats going on Behind Closed Doors
Ukraine has plunged into turmoil as mass protests have left the country in distress and Flames. After weeks of protesting and anger over the decision to not join the European Union by the President hi...
Topics: Ukraine, EU
Matteo Bergamini
‘Designing a Parliament for the 21st Century’ – With th...
Parliament, an institution that has withstood the ages was, in 2009, in decline. The Rt Hon John Bercow, speaker of the House of Commons, spoke last night how most sow no virtue in Parliament. It was ...
CrowdPatch Maggie
CrowdPatch Venture Academy - Apply Today
Interested in growing or starting a business or social enterprise but don't have the funds?  Apply to attend the CrowdPatch Venture Academy. Learn everything you need to know to be taken seriously by ...
CrowdPatch Maggie
Crowdfunding and the Proximity Paradox
We are social creatures by nature. In our social media age, the word tribe is often used to describe what is synonymous with an individual's crowd. A tribe is a digital community, as with any tribal c...
Simon Krystman
Hi Guys, there a quite a lot of you without Profile Pictures! Would it be possible to upload your photo to make things more personable when we are chatting about these good causes and projects....
Topics: profiles