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Project Rewards

The Icelanders Cometh

Funding target

£ 2,304

Start date: 24/3/2016

End date: 25/10/2016






  • Jolabokahug

    • Contribution Amount: £1
    • Reward Description:
      Those of you with £1.00 to spare get my thanks and a "Jolabokahug" for helping the Icelanders "cometh" to the UK for World Book Night
    • Quantity Available: 2303
  • Jolabokahola

    • Contribution Amount: £5
    • Reward Description:
      For £5.00, you get a hug and a hola - a Jolabokahola - a shout out on a PDF list that will be shared as a link online in articles written about the project.
    • Quantity Available: 248
  • Jolabokafame

    • Contribution Amount: £10
    • Reward Description:
      A gift of £10.00 gets you a hug, a hola and a place in an online Hall of Fame. Your name will star at Jolabokaflod with links to sites appropriate for all ages.
    • Quantity Available: 97
  • Jolabokashout

    • Contribution Amount: £20
    • Reward Description:
      As well as hugs, holas and Halls of Fame, £20.00 gets you a 24-hour marketing shout for you and you...
    • Quantity Available: 47
  • Jolabokaplate

    • Contribution Amount: £30
    • Reward Description:
      As well as the perks so far, £30.00 gets you a personalised Jolabokaflod bookplate for books you give to friends and family for World Book Night.
    • Quantity Available: 23
  • Jolabokaplug

    • Contribution Amount: £50
    • Reward Description:
      For £50.00 you and your enterprise will be mentioned in blog postings at Jolabokaflod and third-party webzines. You get the perks so far, too.
    • Quantity Available: 5
  • Jolabokateach

    • Contribution Amount: £75
    • Reward Description:
      For £75.00, you get the perks so far and a 1-day digital media course in London led by Christopher Norris, Founder, CopyGhosting Editorial Services.
    • Quantity Available: 9
  • Jolabokablog

    • Contribution Amount: £100
    • Reward Description:
      For £100.00 you get a feature about you and your enterprise posted online at Jolabokaflod and external webzine platforms. You also get every perk so far.
    • Quantity Available: 5
  • Jolabokalaunch

    • Contribution Amount: £150
    • Reward Description:
      For £150.00, you get every perk so far and a place for dinner at a top Icelandic restaurant in London to celebrate the launch of Jolabokaflod at CrowdPatch.
    • Quantity Available: 3
  • Jolabokaflog

    • Contribution Amount: £250
    • Reward Description:
      For the duration of the "Icelanders Cometh" and beyond, £250.00 gets you an advertising slot at the Jolabokaflod patch until 31 December 2016 (end of Q4 2016) plus all t...
    • Quantity Available: 3




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