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Birmingham Communities League

Funding target

£ 500

Start date: 24/4/2015

End date: 30/9/2015




ABOUT Birmingham Communities League

What is the Project?

The Macron Birmingham Communities League was started as an element of the FA’s Get Into Football programme that was introduced to increase participation amongst male adults aged 16-35 and those from emerging communties within Birmingham.

In 2014 Start Again Project, a s
ocial enterprise that are committed to understanding, encouraging and empowering young people aged 13 to 30 in their search for a better life,took over the running of the league and introduced its own values and project goals.

The Birmingham Communities League is one of the most unique leagues in the UK as it is dedicated to solving social issues for young people as well as developing them through:

  • Building confidence to broaden horizons.

  • Socialising and have fun using football as a vessel.

  • Inspire young people to set their own goals.

  • To provide relevant and appropriate opportunities to young people.

  • Promote healthy living.

Our aim is to use 11-a-side football ro provide a foundation of healthy living as well as being as accessible and beneficial for its particpants as possible. We do this by providing a range of opportunities for young people especially from emerging communities, including:

  • Free health and well being football coaching sessions

  • Access to free FA Level 1 Football Coaching qualifications and Refereeing qualifications.

  • Opportunities to represent Team England and the Homeless FA

For more information please contact and

What do we Need?

In order to help provide our young people with the best possible experiences we can offer, we need help generating funding to help pay for a number of community events we are looking to run.

We want to celebrate the achievements of these young people who have been involved in the project and hope to inspire others like them to get involved in the future.

Money raised will go towards trophies and medals for each particpant involved in the events, venue hire and further education opportunities in the future.


  • Player Sponsorship

    • Contribution Amount: £10
    • Reward Description:
      A contribution of £10 will sponsor 1 player for the game. For the sponsorship you will receive a re...
    • Quantity Available: 60
  • Match Ball Sponsor

    • Contribution Amount: £50
    • Reward Description:
      For a donation of £50 you can sponsor the match ball for either of the semi-finals or finals. For this you will receive a full page dedicated to your sponsorship for the...
    • Quantity Available: 3
  • Team Sponsorship

    • Contribution Amount: £100
    • Reward Description:
      For your donation you will sponsor one of the four semi finalists or one of the finalists. From this sponsorship you will receive a signed match day shirt from the whol...
    • Quantity Available: 6
  • Match Sponsor

    • Contribution Amount: £175
    • Reward Description:
      As a reward for your generosity you will receive: A signed shirt & Match ball from both teams Signed team photos and match film with analysis from each player involved. A...
    • Quantity Available: 3
  • Cup Sponsor

    • Contribution Amount: £250
    • Reward Description:
      For donating this amount you will become the competition's main sponsor for the next two seasons (2014/2015 and 2015/2016). This will involve you personal symbol or lo...
    • Quantity Available: 1

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