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CrowdPatch helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

About us

At CrowdPatch, we care about creating change in communities. Change that is driven by crowdfunding, collective thinking and community spirit. 


Because we are a community interest company, we offer individuals and groups a FREE platform to raise funds. We are the only commission free crowdfunding platform in the UK, so any money raised on our site, goes straight to the cause. 

However, CrowdPatch isn’t just about fundraising. We strive to crowdpatch together local communities and people with shared interests by providing them with the digital space to connect and communicate.

On CrowdPatch you can join CrowdPatches. A CrowdPatch can either be dedicated to a local community, or to an interest group. If you live in Birmingham and are interested in crowdfunding, then join the Birmingham CrowdPatch. If you have a passion for cycling and want a space to fundraise, then join the Cycling MAMILS CrowdPatch.