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Talmud Bah
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Talmud Bah

Lives in London, United Kingdom ·

SKILLS : No Volunteer Skill Offered

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Talmud Bah
Talmud Bah
Talmud Bah
Where on our way! Thanks to great good will, we have enough to cover travel for two days and nearly enough for t-shirts! Ever forward!
Christopher Norris
Hi Talmud - Quick tip: you need to add Quantities (units) for the rewards you are offering. If you offer 10 units at £10, say, this would earn you £100. Clearly the more expensive the reward, the fewe...
Talmud Bah
Everything happens in the moment; there is no yesterday or tomorrow, everything that was, is and is yet to be, happens in the now...
Its the perfect time to make something happen...
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